Landfill and Waste Management


Looking for tips on how to manage your waste this holiday season? Please click here for a quick guide.

There are five landfill sites located within the Municipality of Dysart et al. These sites are governed by several provincial regulations and must comply with the requirements of the Environmental Protection Act. At the municipal level, our waste management is regulated by the Municipality of Dysart et al Waste Disposal Bylaw.

When visiting our landfill sites within the Municipality, please be mindful that recycling practices and transparent waste bags are mandatory in order to maximize waste diversion. Failure to follow these policies will result in additional disposal fees.

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〉〉〉 Information on Disposal Fees and Prohibited Materials

〉〉〉 General Information (ID Cards, Credit Accounts, Information for Renters and more)


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Can’t find what you’re looking for? Our Haliburton Landfill staff can be reached by phone at 705-457-9318 or via fax at 705-457-1964.

To visit in person or to make a delivery, the Haliburton Landfill is located at 222 Industrial Park Road and the Administrative Offices are located at 135 Maple Avenue in the Village of Haliburton, Ontario.

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Municipality of Dysart et al
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