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Park Concerns
Help keep our public parks beautiful, healthy and safe. If you see any maintenance issues or other problems that are occurring in Glebe Park or Head Lake Park, please fill out the Park Concerns form.
Road Concerns
We have many roads in our Municipality, and there could always be issues we miss. If you have any concerns with the roads, please fill out the Report a Road Problem (pot hole, damaged mail box) form. 
Landfill Identification User Card Request 
If you are in need of a new landfill identification user card, please submit an application through the Request a Landfill Identification User Card form. 
Report Illegal Dumping
Please report illegal dumping using the Report Illegal Dumping form. 
General Feedback
As a Municipality, our main goal is to offer top quality services to the community. We are open to any comments, suggestions and questions from the public. Please use the General Feedback Form to let us know about any thoughts you have. 

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