The fire department will not respond to fireworks or flying lantern complains. Fireworks and flying lantern complaints should be directed to the By-law Department.

Consumer Fireworks
The Municipality regulates the dates and permitted times for the setting off of Consumer Fireworks within Dysart et al. 

Fireworks are permitted on New Year’s Eve and the weekends of Victoria Day, Canada DayCivic Holiday and Labour Day. For further details including the permitted times, see the Fireworks By-Law.

Display Fireworks 
In order to hold a Display Fireworks event, a completed approval form is required to be submitted along with supporting documents. The application package must be submitted to the Municipality no later than (14) business days prior to the event. For a complete list of requirements including insurance and permit fees, reference Dysart Fireworks By-law

Flying Lanterns

Flying lanterns (sale and use) are not allowed in the Municipality of Dysart et al.

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