Dysart's 2023-2025 Landfill Identification User Cards (they are purple) were mailed to all Dysart ratepayers inside the June 2023 tax bill. All ratepayers received this mailing, even if auto-paying property taxes.

A valid Dysart Landfill Identification User Card must be shown to Attendants to access Dysart landfills.

Two free landfill identification user cards are inserted with the final tax bill for each business or assessed parcel of land every two years. If you are a property owner, you will receive replacement cards every two years. The next mailing is spring 2025.

Lost your landfill identification user card?
Two free replacement landfill identification user cards may be issued within the two year period, should the first set be misplaced. However, beyond that all replacement landfill identification user cards are an additional $25.00 per card required.
Request landfill identification user cards using our online form.

Tenants in multi-residential buildings 

It is the responsibility of property owners of multi-residential buildings to provide landfill identification user cards to their tenants. Tenant cards may be obtained by property owners of multi-residential buildings, or tenants in a multi-residential building, by paying $25.00 per card. To issue a tenant card, we require proof of occupancy showing the current multi-residential address such as a driver's license, utilities bill, or another service bill, etc.

Short-term renters staying in Dysart et al

Short-term renters staying at a property in Dysart need to use a "One-Time Landfill Pass" to enter any Dysart landfill.

Property owners can provide a One-Time Landfill Pass to renters to make their stay that much more easy, but short-term renters in Dysart can purchase them too.

Get more information including where to purchase One-Time Landfill Passes, and the expiry dates on passes.

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