Types of Water Access

Within the Municipality of Dysart et al there are different types of water access available.  There are public beaches, public boat launches and public water refill stations.  We value the importance of water and want to ensure that all residents and visitors are able to enjoy the benefits of water.

Public Beaches

Learn more about our public beaches.

Boat Launches

There are 26 boat launches within the municipality of Dysart et al.  Get out and enjoy the launches!

Public Water Refill Stations

We have 4 public outdoor water refill stations.  They can be found at:

  • Head Lake Park, 78 Maple Avenue (across from the information Caboose) 
  • Haliburton Highlands Museum, 66 Museum Road
  • West Guildford Community Centre,  1061 Kennisis Lake Road
  • Municipal Office, near skate park, 728 Mountain Street, Haliburton

To fill large water containers, visit our two outdoor taps located at:

  • A.J. LaRue Arena, 728 Mountain Street
  • West Guilford Community Centre, 1061 Kennisis Lake Road

The water refill stations and outdoor taps are tested and cleaned through direction from the Haliburton, Kawartha, Pine Ridge District Health Unit.

Map of all public water access sites in Dysart et al.

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