The Municipality has a purchasing policy. All purchasing activities are objective and transparent.

Current Procurement Opportunities

To see the Municipality‚Äôs current bids, please visit Bids and Tenders.

The Municipality of Dysart et al now uses a digital procurement management platform called Bids and Tenders to source goods and services, including public works maintenance and construction.

This platform makes it easy for vendors to review, register, download, and submit bids online. Dysart only accepts online submissions for large-scale tenders and proposals through Bids and Tenders. Printed or emailed submissions are no longer accepted.

Throughout the process, Bids and Tenders uses real-time technology to give vendors easy access to information regarding their bids, including questions, answers, addenda, and reminders.

Request for Proposals and Quotations

The Municipality of Dysart et al is looking for proposals and quotes from artists interested in creating murals to honour our local sports heroes Lesley Tashlin and Taly Williams. To learn more about Lesly Tashlin and Taly Williams please visit Haliburton's "Mural Wall of Sports Heroes" page.

Deadline for Submissions: Friday August 13, 2021 by 3:00 pm

Guidelines and application form.

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