Sandy Cove
Public Water Access Sites

Displaying all municipally maintained boat launches and swimming areas for public use.

Dysart Public Water Access Google map

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Haliburton Village & Head Lake Trail

This map shows Recreation, Active & Other facilities, Attractions, Trails and Sidewalks within Haliburton Village & along the Head Lake Trail. 

Head Lake Park
Head Lake Park & Rotary Park

Find things to see at our parks within Haliburton village.

This map includes beaches, bathrooms, benches, picnic tables and may more amenities to explore. 

Disc Golf
Haliburton Disc Golf Course & Score Card

Do you need a break from your daily routine, come and play disc golf within the Head Lake Park and Rotary Park.

 Disc golf combines 'Frisbee' and 'Golf'. 


Glebe Park Snowshoe Trails

Find and explore all of the ski and snowshoe trails, plus winter activities to explore while snowshoeing at Glebe Park.

Snowshoe Trails length range from 180 m to 1265 m.

Interactive Maps

Zoning Map
Interactive Zoning Map

Please Note: This interactive map is still under construction.

This interactive map allows you to check your zoning by roll number or address. 

Click the search bar, enter address or roll number. Then the map will zoom to your property. 
To open the legend, click the three lines in the bottom right hand corner. The legend will pop up, scroll through to see the zoning colour which applies to your property.
Once you obtain the zoning information required, visit the Municipal Zoning By-law 2005-120.
The Municipal Zoning By-law will provide you with information on provisions and permitted uses within the Municipality. 
If you have any questions, please email
Place Holder
Haliburton County Visitor Information Interactive Map

Explore Cultural industries, organizations, spaces and facilities, Historic and Heritage sites, Natural Heritage sites and Other resources such as public Wifi spots.

Planning Development Application Interactive Map
Development Application Interactive Map

This interactive maps displays all current development applications within the Municipality of Dysart et al. To view development applications search by address or roll number, then select the coloured feature. 

The dialoge box on the left side will describe the type of application, application number, status and assigned stafff. 

Please note: This interactive map is updated weekly. For up to date information, please email 

Public Art and Points of Culture

This map tours you through Building & Spaces, Historic Objects, Plaques & Public Art within the Municipality of Dysart et al. 

Community GIS
Haliburton County Community GIS Map

This interactive map can be used to discover public locations and resources. Explore Haliburton County.  

Head Lake and Drag River Trails
Head Lake & Drag River Interactive Trails

Along these trails you will explore plaques, historic buildings, beaches,  the sculpture forest, Fleming College and most of all breath taking trails and scenery.

Come adventure with us!

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