Dysart et al Accessible Community Transportation Service

The DYMO Bus is a specialized bus transportation service operated to assist Dysart et al residents with mobility difficulties and residents that require the assistance of a wheelchair-accessible vehicle. This service provides transportation from one accessible door to another and is available on a temporary or permanent basis, depending on the user’s eligibility.

photo of the DYMO bus in front of Head Lake

DYMO Bus Facts

  • The DYMO Bus travels to five (5) areas within the County of Haliburton as well as specialized prebooked trips to Lindsay, Peterborough, Bracebridge, Barrie, Oshawa, Toronto and Kingston and provides Long Term Care Facility and Medical transfers. 
  • If you require personal care or assistance, please arrange for an attendant or companion to accompany you.
  • Passengers using scooters must transfer to a conventional passenger seat for safety.
  • Passengers with walkers may board using the lift or automated ramp.
  • An attendant, guide dog, service animal, or caregiver is welcome, at no charge.
  • Approved clients must reside within the Municipality of Dysart et al.

How to Apply

You must be a resident of Dysart et al in order to apply. 

Apply Online

Alternatively, you may complete the PDF copy of the application and mail, email or fax your completed application to:

Municipality of Dysart et al
PO Box 389 135 Maple Avenue
Haliburton, ON K0M 1S0
Email: mbishop@dysartetal.ca or ascheffee@haliburtonbuslines.ca 
Fax: 705-457-1964 Telephone: 705-457-1740

Contact the Municipality of Dysart et al or 705-457-5076 for more information.

Rate Schedule - Effective August 1, 2023

Area 1

Haliburton Village boundaries: Peninsula Drive, Parish Line on Hwy 118, County Rd 19 on Hwy 118, Haliburton Hospital

$ 9.00 per person each direction within this area
$ 7.00 per person each direction for Wednesday grocery shopping

Area 2

Hwy 118 to County Rd 14, Hwy 118 to Glamorgan Road, Minden Township boundary on County Roads 1, 18 and 21, Mountain Street to Parish Line

$ 24.00 per person each direction between Area 1 and Area 2

Area 3

Loon Lake Road on Hwy 118, West Guilford, Eagle Lake Village and Lochlin Village

$ 30.00 per person each direction between Area 1 and 3

Area 4

County Rd 14 and 19 (Fort Irwin), Miskwabi Lake and Ingoldsby

 $ 41.00 per person each direction between Area 1 and Area 4

Area 5

Minden Village, Gooderham, Tory Hill, Wilberforce, Harcourt Village and Kennisis Lake

 $ 52.00 per person each direction between Area 1 and Area 5
Beyond the boundaries of each of the villages in Areas 1 through 5
Add $ 1.65 per kilometre
Haliburton to Lindsay, Peterborough or Bracebridge

$ 330.00 minimum or

$ 55.00 per passenger for 6 or more people

Haliburton to Barrie, Oshawa, Toronto or Kingston
$ 220.00 minimum plus $ 55.00 per hour
Long Term Care Facilities
$ 165.00 up to 3 hours

$ 55.00 per hour thereafter

For further information, you can access the Dymo Bus Fees and Charges By-Law online. 

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