By recycling household packaging and papers, appliances and scrap metalelectronics, household hazardous waste, sharps and medicationstextiles and clothing, and tires, you help protect the environment and extend the lifespans of our landfills.

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Household Packaging and Papers (Blue Box)

Recycling can be dropped off at the Haliburton, Harcourt, Kennisis Lake, West Bay and West Guilford Landfills. Recycling MUST be separated into Containers and Papers.

Recycling for Containers

Recycling for ContainersRinse all containers and ensure they are clean of liquids or food

  • Food and beverage cartons
  • Plastic bottles, tubs, containers (caps can be left on)
  • Plastic plant pots and trays (no soil)
  • Glass bottles and jars
  • Metal beverage cans, metal food cans
  • Aluminum foil and trays
  • Cardboard canisters 
  • Styrofoam (food and drink only)
  • Plastic shopping bags (clean, dry, empty)

Download our Recycling for Containers poster. Print and hang throughout your house!

Recycling for Papers

  • Recycling for PapersBoxboard
  • Newspapers
  • Magazines and catalogues
  • Paper (office, mixed, writing)
  • Envelopes (including ones with windows)
  • Corrugated cardboard (flatten)
  • Paper beverage cups (lids go in Recycling for Containers)
  • Brown paper bags
  • Paper egg cartons, paper take-out trays
  • Toilet paper rolls, paper towel rolls

Download our Recycling for Papers poster. Print and hang throughout your house!

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