Zoning Map
Interactive Zoning Map

Please note: This interactive map is still under construction.

This interactive map allows you to check your zoning by roll number or address. 

Click the search bar, enter address or roll number. Then the map will zoom to your property. 
To open the legend, click the three lines in the bottom right hand corner. The legend will pop up, scroll through to see the zoning colour which applies to your property.
Once you obtain the zoning information required, visit the Municipal Zoning By-Law 2005-120.
The Municipal Zoning By-Law will provide you with information on provisions and permitted uses within the Municipality. 
If you have any questions, please email ameijer@dysartetal.ca
 Zoning By-Law Maps

Zoning maps are available to assist in determining the zoning of a property (see links below) for a part of the By-Law as well as specific lot provisions and amendments. The maps are organized by Schedule A (Geographic Township) and B. 

For more information about Zoning for Municipality of Dysart et al please visit Zoning By-Law, on the Planning and Land Information page. 


Schedule A, Map 1 - Haliburton

Schedule A, Map 2 - Dysart

Schedule A, Map 3 - Guilford

Schedule A, Map 4 - Eagle Lake

Schedule A, Map 5 - Havelock

Schedule A, Map 6 - Dudley

Schedule A, Map 7 - Harburn

Schedule A, Map 8 - Harcourt

Schedule A, Map 9 - Eyre

Schedule B, Minimum Opening Elevation

Schedule B-1, Development Envelope


 Official Plan Maps 

Official Plan maps are available to assist in determining Land use, Wildland and Fire Assessment, Natural Heritage and Development Constraints (see links below).

For more information about Official Plan for Municipality of Dysart et al, please visit Official Plan on the Planning and Land Information page.


Schedule A, Map 1- Haliburton

Schedule A, Map 2- Dysart

Schedule A, Map 3- Guilford

Schedule A, Map 4- Havelock

Schedule A, Map 5- Dudley

Schedule A, Map 6- Harburn

Schedule A, Map 7- Harcourt

Schedule A, Map 8- Eyre

Schedule B - Natural Heritage Features and Areas

Schedule C - Mineral and Aggregate Resources

Schedule D - Infrastructure

Appendix A - Wild Land Fire Assessment

Appendix B - Lake Recreation Capacity Table 


Public Water Access, Trails, Interactive Maps and more 

Municipal Ward Boundary Map

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