The Finance Department develops and manages municipal taxation, accounting services, operating and capital budgets, capital asset management plans and coordination of technological support across Municipal departments.

The Finance Department communicates budget and taxation related information to Council and the general public and is responsible for reporting financial benchmarks and performance measurements.

Residents of the Municipality of Dysart et al enjoy the lowest municipal property tax rate in the County of Haliburton.

The annual budget covers all of Dysart et al's operational areas:

  • General Government
  • Protective Services
  • Transportation Services
  • Environmental Services
  • Health Services
  • Social & Family Services
  • Recreation and Culture
  • Planning and Development






Audited Financial Statements

The Municipality of Dysart et al prepares financial statements annually in accordance with the Municipal Act which are audited by an independent licensed auditor. 





Asset Management Plan

Asset management planning is essential in order for the Municipality to understand its asset and infrastructure needs while creating an effective plan for long-term sustainability of those needs. The Asset Management Plan (AMP) has a major impact on the annual budget and long-term financial plan. Well-managed infrastructure provides prosperity, growth and quality of life for all residents, businesses and visitors.


Strategic Asset Management Plan Policy

Administrative Fees and By-Laws

Administrative Fees and By-Laws

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