Municipal Law Enforcement Officers are responsible for the enforcement of Parking Control and the enforcement of Municipal By-Laws.

By-Law Enforcement News

NOTICE: In order to conduct inspections, the Municipal Law Enforcement office needs to receive an official complaint form either online or in person at the Municipal Office. Informal complaints will not be acted upon.

If you would like to submit a complaint online, click here.

If you would like to fill out a complaint form in person, please visit us at 135 Maple Ave, Haliburton.


Site Alteration By-Law

The Site Alteration By-Law regulates all site alteration within Environmental Protection Zoned lands and within 30 metres of a lake. 


Short Term Rental By-Law

The Short-Term Rental (STR) By-Law comes into effect October 1st, 2024.

You can read the Short-Term Rental By-Law here.

You can read the Short-Term Rental By-Law here.

You can read the Short-Term Rental By-Law here.


Please Stoop and Scoop!

No one likes seeing or stepping in dog excrement. Dog owners must pick up and properly dispose of their pets' excrement. Not only is it harmful to the environment and unpleasant, but failing to dispose of it can also result in a $150.00 fine.

Let's keep Dysart et al beautiful and clean!


Removal of Parking Meters

Parking meters have been removed from the Village of Haliburton. Parking is now free year-round but vehicles shall not occupy the same parking spot for more than 2 hours. This 2 hour time limit is enforced by Municipal By-Law Enforcement.


Snowmobile Parking

Dysart et al has 2 specific parking locations for people towing a trailer for their snowmobiles. These parking lots can be found at the following locations:

- 13668 Hwy 118 (across from Harmony Rd.)

- 1114 Harcourt Rd. in Harcourt.

We welcome everyone towing a trailer to use these locations for parking the truck and trailers.

Note: There is no truck and trailer parking in the Head Lake Park parking lot.


Pay Parking Tickets Online

Pay your parking ticket online with a debit card or credit card



Canine Control

The Canine Control By-Law 2020-45 regulates the keeping of dogs in the Municipality of Dysart et al. Dog licenses are not required in Dysart anymore. This came in effect in June of 2020 when the new Canine Control By-Law was passed. Some of the most frequently asked questions of the Canine Control By-Law that are asked are about the following sections:
  • 3.1 Every person who owns or harbors a dog shall, in a sanitary manner, remove forthwith and dispose of any excrement left by such a dog anywhere within the Municipality, excluding that of the owner’s property.
  • 3.3 Every owner shall upon leaving their property, ensure the dog is properly restrained and if stipulated muzzled.
  • 3.4 No person who owns or keeps a dog, or dogs, shall knowingly or unknowingly permit such dog, or dogs to run at large, except that nothing in this By-Law shall prevent the lawful use of a dog or dogs for hunting during legal hunting season.

All rules and regulations pertaining to dogs can be found in the Canine Control By-Law.


I Want To Challenge a By-Law/Ticket, What Do I Do?

Each person has the right to challenge a By-Law put in place by their municipality. Challenging a By-Law means arguing the validity and authority of a By-Law. 

The correct process for challenging a By-Law is to discuss with council members, or to make an application to the Ontario Superior Court of Justice.

Each person who has received a ticket for violating a By-Law has the right to challenge their ticket in court. This can be done by submitting a notice of intent to the Ontario Court of Justice, located at 440 Kent St W, Lindsay, ON.

Challenging a ticket means that the person who received it is arguing in court that they did not violate the By-Law and therefore do not deserve the ticket.

Please note that it may take up to 7 days for a ticket to be processed by the court.

Business Licence Application

The Municipality of Dysart et al issues licences to 3 types of businesses:

  • Refreshment Vehicles
  • Transient Traders
  • Tourist Camps and Trailer Camps


If you fall under one of these categories, please apply for your Business Licence today.

Note: Please allow up to 72 hours for processing

Parking Control

Accessible Parking:

Be aware that there is a minimum $300.00 fine for the misuse of an accessible parking permit or a designated accessible parking space. 


Winter Parking Restrictions:

No person shall park a vehicle on Municipal maintained roadways or property including any Municipal parking lot from November 1 to April 15 between the hours of twelve (12) midnight and seven (7) a.m. This is related to By-Law 2024-13 Section 3.4, which states that: “no person shall park or stand a vehicle in such a manner as to interfere with the clearing of snow, or the sanding or maintenance of a highway.” 

The fine associated with this offence is $200.00 and your vehicle may be towed at your own expense.


Payment of Parking Tickets:

Parking tickets can be paid online or by following the instructions on the back of your ticket. If you wish to pay by using e-transfer, please contact Municipal By-Law Enforcement for details.

Note: Please allow up to 72 hours for processing of payment.


All other Parking Control regulations can be found in here.



Short-Term Rental By-Law

The Short-Term Rental (STR) By-Law comes into effect October 1st, 2024. 

If you are interested in obtaining a licence after October 1st, please review our Short Term Rental License Application Checklist to ensure you have all necessary requirements.

For the Site Plan, please ensure it contains the necessary relevant information.  View the Sample STR Site Plan here.

For the Plan for Fire Safety, provide floor plans with the necessary information.  View the Sample Plan for Fire Safety here.

You can read the Short-Term Rental By-Law here.

Fireworks By-Law

The Municipality regulates the dates and permitted times for the setting off of Consumer Fireworks within Dysart et al. Fireworks are permitted on New Year’s Eve and the weekends of Victoria Day, Canada Day, Civic Holiday and Labour Day.

For further details including the permitted times, see the Fireworks By-Law 2020-54 and the Fireworks-Vendor Notice of Regulations.


Note: Flying Lanterns are banned within Dysart et al due to litter and the risk of causing bush fires. 


Flying Lanterns

Sign Permit Application and By-Law

The Sign By-Law regulates signs and other advertising devices within the Municipality of Dysart et al. Any sign that is erected must be issued a permit before erecting or altering of the sign. Any sign that is erected or altered in contravention of this By-Law shall be removed by the Municipality at the owner’s expense and the person who contravenes is guilty of an offence and upon conviction is liable to a fine under the Provincial Offences Act. For specific information on Signs, please refer to our By-Law 2022-39.


Note: If you want a sign permit for a location on one of the roads listed below, you must apply with the County of Haliburton as well as with the Municipality of Dysart et al;

  • Gelert Rd (County Rd 1)

  • Glamorgan Rd (County Rd 3)

  • Eagle Lake Rd (County Rd 6)
  • Kennisis Lake Rd (County Rd 7)
  • Elephant Lake Rd (County Rd 10)
  • Haliburton Lake Rd (County Rd 14)

  • Burleigh Rd (County Rd 15)
  • Kashagawigamog Lake Rd (County Rd 18)
  • Harburn Rd (County Rd 19)
  • County Rd 21

  • Loop Rd (County Rd 648)

Please click here to be redirected to the County of Haliburton website.


If you want to have a sign to promote your business, please apply for a Sign Permit.

Note: Please allow up to 72 hours for processing

Property Standards
Property standards complaints are generated through the Building Department and investigated by the Municipal Law Enforcement Officers.  If you have concerns with a property and would like more information on property standards, please download our Property Standards By-Law, or if you would like to submit a complaint, please go to our By-Law Complaint Form and an Officer will be sent to investigate.
Lottery Licensing

Lottery licences for eligible charitable and non-profit organizations are processed and tabulated through the Municipal By-Law Department.  Licensed events can include raffles, bingos, 50/50, stub draws and the sale of break open tickets. The cost to have a lottery licence processed and tabulated is three (3) percent total prize value including taxes. First time applications are required to be submitted 14 days in advance of the proposed event and 7 days for a previously licensed organization. All events must adhere to the Alcohol & Gaming Commission of Ontario (AGCO) Lottery Licence Terms and Conditions. Please see AGCO website for more information.


Please visit the Lottery Licence Page for applications and more information.

Site Alteration By-Law

The Site Alteration By-Law regulates all site alteration within Environmental Protection Zoned lands and within 30 metres of a lake. 

For More information and to submit a complaint, please go to our Building and Septic Department Page.

Skateboard and Bicycle Park

The Municipality does not permit residents to use, drive or operate bicycles on any sidewalk in the Village of Haliburton. Also, the Municipality does not permit the use of skateboards, scooters, rollerblades, inline skates or other similar conveyances, devices or modes of transportation on sidewalks along Maple Avenue, Highland Street, York Street and Mountain Street. We have a skate park located off of Mountain Street in the A.J. LaRue arena parking lot.

For more information, please see our Skateboard and Bicycle By-Law.


Skate Park

Municipal By-Laws

Here is a list of our most frequently used By-Laws for the Municipality:

- Off-Road Vehicles By-Law

- Business Licensing - Refreshment VehiclesTourist & Trailer CampsTransient Traders




Canine Control

Discharging of Firearms

Deer Feeding


- Fee By-Law

Fences around Swimming Pools





Open Air Burning


- Parks - Public ParksHead Lake Park

Pits & Quarries

Property Standards

- Short-Term Rental

Skateboards & Bicycles

Signs & Advertising

Site Alteration By-Law


- Waste Management

Weight Restrictions

Zoning By-Law


For By-Laws that are not found here, please contact the Municipal Clerk at extension 631.

Shoreline Tree Preservation
The County of Haliburton has a By-Law that is for the governing of the removal of trees along the shorelines of our lakes. For information on this By-Law, please read the Shoreline Tree Preservation FAQ sheet or you can contact the County of Haliburton at 705-286-1333 and speak with the Forestry Conservation Officer.
 Submitting a Complaint

 All complaints under a By-Law must be submitted to the By-Law Department in writing, by submitting a letter or coming in to the Municipal Offices to obtain a complaint form, via email with the complainants contact information, nature of alleged complaint, where the complaint is located, and return contact information if the complainant requests a response or by filling out our online Complaint Form

All personal information is collected in accordance with the Municipal Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act.

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