Fire Department Services

Generally, Municipal Councils establish and fund fire departments to deliver local fire protection and prevention services.

These services include:

  • Running local public fire safety education and fire prevention programs
  • Providing fire suppression services
  • Conducting inspections to enforce the Fire Code

Municipal fire departments provide other services that are necessary depending on the needs and circumstances of the communities they serve.

Some of the additional services provided by Municipality of Dysart et al Fire Department are:

  • Vehicle firefighting
  • Grass, brush firefighting
  • Basic medical assist with defibrillation
  • Vehicle accidents
  • Vehicle extrication
  • Ice and shore-based water rescue
  • Public assistance
  • Participation in community emergency plan

Due to the fire department’s reliance upon volunteer firefighters, the topographic, geographic configuration of the municipality, the weather, road conditions, gated driveways, the level and amount of equipment at the department’s disposal, and other budgetary constraints, the services listed may be provided as limited services.

As a preventative measure, always ensure access to your home, including driveways, stairs and walkways to allow emergency crews to get to you as quickly and safely as they can.

Volunteers have a flashing green light that they display in the window of their vehicles en route to the fire hall or accident scene. Pay attention and if you see these lights, pull over immediately.

Public Education

Fire Safety and Public Education from the Ministry of the Solicitor General.


In 1956, Tom Chambers, the Chief of the Fire Brigade died in a fire at the Bank of Montreal on Highland Street. (A plaque in his memory was placed on the wall in the Village Square in 2015). Following this tragedy, a new department was formed under the leadership of Sid Roberts. Medical calls, responded to in a station wagon, were part of the service until 1968 when they became their own entity.

With Joe Iles in the role of Chief, a new pumper was purchased for $26,000 in 1972. It was at this time that a new hall was started behind the arena to replace the fire hall that was located under the town hall at the corner of Maple Avenue and Mountain Street.

Fire Chief Howard Roberts took over in 1976 through until 1985 when Mike Stinson picked up the reins. At that time, Haliburton housed a van that the County had just purchased for extrication. A year later, a major fire burnt the Stedman’s store on Highland Street and spread to the hardware store and Pollards clothing store and the real estate office. After that fire, two new pumpers were purchased and the Fire Hall was expanded.

In 1989, Lloyd Baker (Buck) was appointed Chief for a brief period until 1991, when Chief Miles Maughan took over and served as Fire Chief until 2016. Chief Mike Iles became leader and continued the modernization of the department until 2022.

Presently, Chief Dan Chumbley leads the Volunteer Fire Department.

Lots of changes over the years, with the biggest being that it now costs close to half a million dollars to replace a fire truck.

14 Members of the Dysart Fire Department Practicing Ice Safety Training
Photo of Dysart Fire Department training on March 20, 2021

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