2023 Program Information

The 2023 Program will be focused on properties located within Area 4 of our By-Law Schedule. The program will run from May 15th, 2023 through to September 1st, 2023 on a Monday to Friday Schedule. All inspections, whether completed by Municipal Inspectors, or by Third Party Inspectors are to be completed by September 1st, 2023. Property owners in the affected area will be notified of their inspection date, preparation details, etc. via letter mail. 

 Area 4 consists of properties within 30m of the following lakes: 

  • Barnum Lake
  • Black Lake
  • Blue Hawk Lake
  • Boyne Lake
  • Drag Lake
  • Grass Lake
  • Haas Lake
  • Head Lake
  • Hurricane Lake
  • Kashagawigamog Lake
  • Koshlong Lake
  • Loon Lake
  • Long Lake
  • Miskwabi Lake
  • Negaunee Lake
  • South Portage Lake
  • Spruce Lake

Property owners that require an alternate inspection date are asked to complete our Request Form a minimum of 5 days prior to their assigned inspection date. Staff will follow up in a timely manner to assist with rescheduling.

For information regarding your inspection appointment, results, etc. please contact the Program Supervisor by:

Thank you for your participation in the Sewage System Maintenance Inspection Program, a significant pillar in protecting the future of your lake.

 Program Details

This program is ever-evolving as displayed by our various By-Law updates. 2022 was our first year operating the program entirely in house and overall staff are happy with the outcome. Some key program components are described in detail below. If you are looking for more information on the program that is not available on this page, or in our By-Law, we ask that you email us at septic@dysartetal.ca. Staff will respond in order of urgency as timely as possible.

Rescheduling Requests

Property owners will be notified via letter mail of their assigned upcoming inspection date. We understand that these dates may pose a conflict for some people and will do our best to be accommodating with these changes. 

Owners wishing to make a change to their inspection date are required to provide a minimum of 5 days' notice to the department prior to their assigned inspection date.

Complete our online rescheduling Request Form. Upon submission, staff will contact you to coordinate to the best of our ability. 

Exemption Criteria

As per By-Law 2023-03, properties that meet one or more of the following criteria are eligible for exemption from the Maintenance Inspection Program. 

  • The system is newly installed, or has been fully replaced within the last 5 years.
  • A planned installation of a complete system that is completed by September 1st, 2023.
  • The property is served by a sewage system that treats to a higher quality that a common septic system and meets the criteria of the By-Law.
  • The property has completed their inspection using a Qualified Third Party Inspector that meets the requirements of a previous or current By-Law, within the last 5 years.
  • The property is connected to Municipal Sewers.

If you feel that your property meets any of these criteria, but you have been assigned an inspection date, please contact us at septic@dysartetal.ca and staff will review your claim accordingly.

Third Party Inspections

Homeowners are still welcome to retain the services of a Qualified Septic Inspector. This inspector must have the required qualifications, be current in their registrations and they must have attended a mandatory meeting with the Building Department in order to be accepted in this program.

In addition to paying the inspection fee imposed by the private inspector, there will also be a fee issued by the Municipality for the cost of reviewing the inspection reports. All reports must be submitted prior to September 1st. Additionally, any incomplete third party inspection reports that are received will be charges a Failed Attempt fee.

Visit our Third Party Inspection Report Submittal Form to submit your completed report along with payment online.

Fee Schedule
  • Sewage System Maintenance Inspection Fee - $197.00
  • Partially Complete Return Inspection Fee - $100.00
  • Inspection Outside of Inspection Schedule - $297.00
  • Vacant Lot/ No Plumbing Site Confirmation - $100.00
  • Remedial Action Septic Review - $150.00
  • Remedial Action Letter - $25.00
  • 3rd Party Inspection Report Review - $50.00
  • Failed 3rd Party Inspection Attempt - $50.00

Note: owners will be charged the Sewage System Maintenance Inspection Fee for each inspection attempt carried out by the Municipality. Please be sure to pay attention to your inspection date and preparation instructions to avoid unnecessary fees. 

My system didn't pass the inspection, what do I do?

There are various reasons why a sewage system may be deemed non-compliant. Following your inspection, you will be provided with a written report which outlines the outcome of your inspection. If your system is flagged as non-compliant, you will be provided a description on what you need to do to remedy the situation.

A few common issues and suggested remedies are:

  • Too many bedrooms according to the permitted use
  • Broken or missing baffles
    • Replace or repair, submit photos and receipts upon completion
  • Cracked lids
    • Replace or repair, submit photos and receipts upon completion
  • Impeded outlet
    • Contact a qualified local installer to investigate the issue. Submit the required application in bed replacement is required and/or receipts for completed repairs
  • Etc.
 Useful Links

Below are some media references for information on the important of sewage system maintenance and inspections. A special thank you to our partners in the field for creating and providing these useful tips!

Inspection Program Schedule

Under the current By-Law, the Sewage System Maintenance Inspection Program has been divided into 5 Areas of Coverage. Presently, we are focused on inspecting properties within 30m of the water in the areas set out in our map. Staff will be working through each area in numerical order.


Please view our Area Map to view the intended order of inspections. 



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