A big thank you goes out to the members of the Head Lake Park Fundraising Committee for their commitment and determination to help raise the funds needed to complete the Head Lake Park Playground. With their support and the generous support of businesses and the community we were able to reach our goal and install a new playground in Head Lake Park!

As many of you know, in June of 2022, our community learned that the playground in Head Lake Park had been closed off by the Municipality due to safety concerns.

The Head Lake Park Fundraising Committee was formed to help develop a solution that meets community needs. The committee was comprised of community members who came together with a common desire to take meaningful action towards the Master Plan for Head Lake Park, and to work together to make it a safe and enjoyable place for everyone in the community.

Our vision was simple: To curate a destination playground that is inclusive and accessible.

The committee worked hand in hand with designers to craft a play experience that provides opportunities for physical, sensory, cognitive, social/emotional, and communicative development. There was approximately 9,000 square feet of playground installed in the summer of 2023! 

We secured a $150,000.00 Ontario Trillium Foundation Accessibility grant. Dysart Council also generously committed an additional $300,000. The total cost of the project was just shy of $600,000 and this is where the community's help was needed.

Our goal was to raise another $150,000.00

Playgrounds are a vital aspect of healthy development both for children, the community, and the local economy. The impacts are vast, and we must do what we can to ensure that it thrives.

Haliburton is growing. We are seeing an increase in permanent residents, seasonal residents, and short-term tourism. We saw this as the perfect opportunity to acknowledge this growth and embrace it. Our community needs to have more to offer, not less. It’s time to kickstart the vision of the Master Plan.

Haliburton deserves this space, and we thank you for your support to make sure it happened.





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