Environment and Climate Change

The Environment and Climate Change Committeeis the Standing Committee of Council that discusses issues and makes recommendations around issues of environmental importance that relate to our municipal operations such as waste management, sewer and septage waste handling and the overall lake health.

The Committee also works to raise awareness by interacting with the public around environmental issues including energy conservation, recycling and waste management and septic system maintenance.   Over the years, the Committee has developed a number of educational outreach tools including a series of videos covering topics such as energy conservation in cottage country, local landfills and sustainable building design.   There are also social media pages dedicated to Dysart’s waste management as well as a re-purposing page intended to engage and inspire the public as residents share their creations.

The Committee meets every other month at the Administration Offices located at 135 Maple Street in Haliburton and meetings are open to the public.   The Committee serves a four year term concurrent with Council and is currently comprised of Chairperson Councillor John Smith, Councillor Walt McKechnie and Councillor Larry Clarke.

If you are interested in learning more about the initiatives undertaken by this group, all agenda packages including reports and minutes are available by clicking the link to electronic agendas on the sidebar.