Disposal Fees and Prohibited Materials


» Tipping Fees «

Tipping fees are required for various waste materials. All fees must be paid in cash at the Landfill Kiosk prior to dumping or by pre-approved credit account. For information on setting up a credit account, please visit this page. Information on our 2016 waste disposal fees can be found in the table below. Alternatively, a printable version of this information is available here.

Service Fee or Charge (Sorted) Fee or Charge (Contaminated/Unsorted)
Recycling Material No charge
Household Refuse No charge $2.00/bag
E-Waste (Electronic Waste) No charge
Household Batteries No charge
Bulk Waste (greater than 1 yd2) $15.00/yd3 $30.00/yd3
Bulk Waste (in packer trucks) $25.00/yd3 $50.00/yd3
Furniture $10.00/item
Appliances No charge appliances with CFC tag or white goods (stoves, hot water heaters, etc.) $30.00/item without CFC tag
Tires No charge for any size tire on or off the rim
Boats $8.00/foot (stripped of engine and drive line)
Oil Tanks No charge. Must not contain any oil and must be cut in half.
Propane Tanks No charge
Brush $50.00/yd3
Minimum Charge for Building Construction & Demolition Material $5.00 $5.00
Building Construction & Demolition Material $50.00/yd3 $100.00/yd3
Shingles $50.00/yd3 $100.00/yd3
Contaminated Soil with Ministry of Environment approval $40.00/yd3


For more information on contaminated/unsorted waste, please click here. For more information on our unit of measurement for bulk waste, the cubic yard, please click here.

» Accepted and Prohibited Materials «

The materials accepted at our landfills vary based on the location, and some materials are not accepted at any of our landfills. Please review this printable document for a complete list of accepted and prohibited materials.


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