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Forest Stand Improvement in the Glebe Park Forest

The Municipality of Dysart et al is currently undertaking stand improvement in the Glebe Park Forest that was recommended in the Glebe Park Forest Stewardship Plan. In 2011 the Glebe Park Committee commissioned Forest Design Consulting in association with Glenside Ecological Services to create a stewardship plan for the Glebe Park Forest that would ensure safety for recreation and forest health, diversity and ecological integrity. The scope of the work included researching forest health, analyzing social and ecological values, inventorying plant and animal species, identifying wildlife habitat and examining water courses. The plan was created to reflect the following values Recreation Ensuring safety along the trail corridors. Encouraging increased use of existing trails; Planning for trail infrastructure with minimal effect on the environment; Maintaining and/or enhancing forest health and diversity; Removing diseased trees; Encouragement of all ages classes of trees;...
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Road Repairs Ongoing

All roads in Dysart have now been temporarily repaired and are passable. Roads crews have worked all weekend to make the roads safe for travel. Please continue to exercise caution on all roads until things have stabilized. Thanks to all the Roads workers, both Municipal and private crews, you are doing a tremendous job....
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Attention: Travelling Public

Please be advised that there are several roads in Dysart et al that are experiencing major washouts and floods right now. If you are planning to come to the cottage tonight, please check ahead of time to make sure your road is passable and safe as you won’t be able to navigate as well after dark. We are asking the public’s assistance to slow down and be very cautious driving. Our roads crews as well as private road construction companies are all out in full force and we anticipate a busy weekend for them, so please be patient and know that the roads will be fixed as soon as possible. The most recent report is that the following roads in Dysart et al have issues: Wilkinson Rd – washout at 2458; Carroll Rd washout at 1505; Sullivan Dr washout at...
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