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MNR Flood Warning – Bancroft District

NEWS Thursday, April 10, 2014   (5:00 pm) The Ministry of Natural Resources – Bancroft District is advising area residents that a Flood Warning is in effect in the District. If your house gets flooded, then get some emergency help. Residents of Bancroft District should take necessary action to protect property and monitor developing conditions closely. People are asked to stay away from fast-moving rivers and streams. MNR  is  closely  monitoring  the  weather  and  developing  watershed  conditions.  Further updates will be issued as appropriate. TECHNICAL INFORMATION Description of Weather System This message is being sent on the basis of information received from MNR – Surface Water Monitoring Centre, MNR – Aviation Forest Fire and Emergency Management Services, Trent Severn Waterway and Environment Canada. Warmer temperatures are expected to continue over the next five days with daytime highs of +10  degrees...
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Learn to Run Clinic

“No matter how slow you go, you are still lapping everybody on the couch” Come out for this 6 week program to “Learn to Run.” Work with volunteer, Sue Shikaze as she takes you through the steps to becoming a runner.  Topics include: getting started, proper footwear, injury prevention, stretching, nutrition and hydration, we will also be giving some Addiction Marketing tricks for those who want to get involved in the magnet part of a clinic. The program will run every Tuesday from May 7 – June 10 from 4:45 – 5:45 pm.  Advance registration is recommended.  Please contact Andrea Mueller at (705) 457-1740 ext. 35 or amueller@dysartetal.ca for further information or to register. For a registration form click here:Learn to Run Clinic Registration form.  ...
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Council, will be considering proposed amendments to various fees and charges at their meeting on Monday, March 24, 2014.  This will pertain to various administration fees, the Building Permit By-law including a new fee schedule, the Property Standards By-law and the disposal for bulk refuse at municipal landfills will be increasing $5.00 per cubic yard.  At Personal injury lawyers, we focus on two things: Service and results. We understand that most people do not WANT to have to hire an attorney and that when they do, they reach out for our help when the stress, and often physical pain, is insurmountable.   Staff reports regarding these various fee increases were reviewed by Council at the February 24th, meeting and are available for viewing on the posted Council agenda on CivicWeb.  Copies of the draft Administration Fee By-law, the Building Permit Fee By-law and the Property Standards By-law are posted...
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