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Rotary Beach Rehabilitation

The Rotary Beach Rehabilitation is underway.  Parks staff are busy preparing the space for the installation of green gym equipment, a new beach volleyball court and children’s climbing equipment.  The basketball court will be updated and a shade shelter will be constructed.  For all the Gaga Ball enthusiasts, the Gaga Ball pit will be permanently be set up on this side of the park! On Tuesday, June 13 at noon we will officially open the green gym equipment....
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Sand Bags

If anyone is in need a sand bags for their property during this period of heavy rains, there are some available at the Municipal Yards at 13323 Highway 118 just outside of Haliburton Village.   There is a Tupperware bin that contains the bags, a shovel and a big pile of sand.  Please help yourself.   If you take the last of the bags or need other emergency assistance, please text or call 705-455-2740....
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Fire Rating

Please be advised that since April 1st, no day time burning is allowed in Dysart et al without a permit approved by the Fire Chief....
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