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Waste Not, Want Not – Pioneer Style!

Saturday, April 20th, 2013, 10:00am-5:00pm Stop by for this special interactive event in the lead-up to Earth Day, and learn about the ways early settlers in the Haliburton area reduced, reused and recycled through their textiles, cooking and other household activities. As you learn about the past, you’ll take home exciting ideas that are just as useful today. There will also be fun activities for kids of all ages! For more information, call 705-457-2760 or e-mail info@haliburtonhighlandsmuseum.com Admission is by Donation...
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Business Review North America and Energy Digital

The Municipality of Dysart et al was recently featured in two on-line business magazines:  Energy Digital and Business Review North America.  Energy Digital distributes to over 1.2 million senior industry executives while Business Review distributes 586,000 copies.  This impressive profile was made possible through the efforts of the Dysart et al Environment and Green Energy Committee with the support of the Director of Planning and Development.  Links to both of these digital magazines can be found on the Environment and Green Energy page under the SERVICES tab. For more business news and tips, visit Lee S Rosen Blog....
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The A.J. LaRue Arena is open and looking good!

The Arena in Haliburton is open once again after a winter long major renovation which included a complete rebuild of the interior of the main floor of the arena including a new ice surface, a reconfiguration of the stands and players boxes, the addition of two new dressing rooms below the stands and the merging of two main floor dressing rooms to create one larger accessible dressing room and washroom.  The ice is wider, the stands are accessible by incline lift and the new rubber floor throughout will make it easier for everyone.  March Break is seeing lots of activity for the free public skating and we’re hearing lots of great comments.  Come see for yourself and don’t forget your skates....
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