Through the Memorial Bench and Tree Program you can provide a dedication by placing a plaque in front of a tree or on a bench in one of the beautiful locations available within Head Lake Park or along Head Lake Trail. If you would like, you can choose one of our other beautiful parks  throughout the Municipality.

This dedication provides a lasting remembrance in honour of a loved one and enhances the meaning of a bench or tree to park users. People of all ages visit our parks, trails and playgrounds and your generous gift will be recognized and appreciated by all.

If you are interested in this opportunity, complete the Memorial Bench and Tree Order Form.

The cost for a six (6) foot metal, memorial bench including a memorial plaque is $1850.

Image of a black 6' steel park memorial bench.

For a tree and bronze memorial plaque the fee is pursuant to tree type and annual fluctuations in prices. This includes your choice of tree from the following list (average height of a tree is eight (8) feet) and one 5 x 7 inch bronze plaque with up to 24 characters.

 Autumn Blaze Freemanii Maple - 2 inch
  • Hybrid between a red maple and silver maple
  • Fast growing, can reach a height of 50 feet and width of 40 feet
  • Brilliant red colour in the fall

 Collage of three images depicting the Autumn Blaze Freemanii Maple. The first image shows the foliage in the summer when the leaves are bright green. The middle image shows a row of Autumn Blaze Maples with red foliage. The final image is a close up of the deep crimson red leaves.

 Sugar Maple - 2 inch
  • Native to hardwood forests in southern Ontario
  • Bright fall foliage, primary source of sap for maple syrup
  • A healthy tree can live for over 400 years
  • Reach heights of 82—115 feet

Three images showcasing sugar maples. The first image is a closeup of the green maple leaves and maple keys. The second image shows sugar maple trees in the fall, one bright red and one yellow and orange in colour. The third image shows a vibrant red maple leaf. 

 Red Oak - 2 inch
  • Native species of North America
  • Grows rapidly (up to 140 feet tall)
  • Tolerant of many soils
  • Leaves turn a rich red or sometimes brown in the fall

A collage of four pictures featuring a red oak sapling in the spring with green foliage. The middle images contain close up pictures of the sharp pointed leaves a of a red oak, one in the summer with green leaves, the other highlighting the orange leaves in the fall. The final pictures is of a mature red oak tree in a farmers field in the fall.



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