Outdoor Rinks

The rinks are open in the winter, weather permitting. Rinks are subject to weather conditions.

The outdoor rinks are unsupervised.

Skaters are encouraged to wear helmets at all times.

Outdoor Rinks Directory
LocationAddressStatus (as of March 30, 2023)Further Details
Maple Avenue Rink

76 Maple Avenue,




Maintained by Parks Staff

Harcourt Outdoor Rink

5004 Midway Street,


(parking located on Harcourt Road)

Closed Maintained by community volunteers
West Guilford

1061 Kennisis Lake Road,

West Guilford

Closed Will be constructed in the spring of 2023.


During a snowfall, parks staff and or community volunteers will do their best to clear the snow from the rink surface in a reasonable amount of time.  Prior to attending the Maple Avenue Rink, parks staff must clear snow from walkways and entrance ways to municipally owned buildings.

If you see that the rink has recently been flooded and the surface is not hard, please refrain from skating until the ice surface has a chance to harden.

If you bring your own shovel to clear the surface, please make sure to lift the snow over the boards and do not leave piles against the edge. Piles of snow ruin the quality of the ice.  Thank you for your cooperation.

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