The Municipality of Dysart et al's Dog Park is located on the Rotary Beach side of Head Lake Park, Haliburton.

The off-leash dog park is open dawn to dusk.

Please stoop and scoop, and use the appropriate pet waste bins.

Dog park rules

All dogs must be:

  • Leashed when entering and leaving the fenced off-leash area
  • Accompanied by a responsible person who is aware of their whereabouts at all times

When in the park, make sure to:

  • Handle dogs responsibly
  • Ensure other dogs don’t feel threatened or defensive
  • Leave glass containers at home

Off-leash Dog Park Rules Open daily dawn to dusk HELP MAKE THIS AREA FUN AND SAFE FOR ALL 1) Park is open from dawn to dusk. 2) Dog(s) must be leashed when leaving the leash free area (By-law No. 2020-45). 3) Pick-up after your dog(s). No one likes a surprise underfoot (By-law No. 2020-45). 4) Children under the age of 12 must be supervised by an adult and are not allowed to run in the Dog Park. 5) Maximum of 2 dogs per individual. 6) Dogs that are aggressive, disruptive, poorly socialized, in heat, or sick are not allowed.  7) Do not bring toys, this may create guarding or territorial issues. 8) No bicycles or children’s toys allowed in the Dog Park. 9) No smoking, alcoholic beverages, food, dog treats or glass containers allowed in Dog Park. 10) Owners must carry a leash and closely supervise their dog(s) at all times. 11) Owners are solely responsible for their dog’s behaviour and will be liable for injuries or damage caused by their dog(s). 12) No digging allowed, please repair any holes dug by your dog. 13) Puppies under 4 months are not permitted in the Dog Park. 14) Owners use the park at their own risk. The Municipality of Dysart et al is not responsible for injury or illness to dogs or owners.  Thank you for your cooperation! The Municipality of Dysart et al For emergencies call 911. The park is located at 2 Park Street, Haliburton.

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