Due to current COVID-19 precautions, Dysart Council meetings will take place via videoconference and will be live-streamed. You can watch previous meetings on the Dysart YouTube page.

CLICK HERE to view our live-streamed Council meetings. 


  • Mayor Andrea Roberts
  • Deputy Mayor Pat Kennedy
  • Councillor Ward 1 Nancy Wood-Roberts
  • Councillor Ward 2 Larry Clarke
  • Councillor Ward 3 Tammy Donaldson
  • Councillor Ward 4 John Smith
  • Councillor Ward 5 Walt McKechnie


Dysart et al Council is comprised of a Mayor, Deputy Mayor and five Councillors representing five geographical wards within the Municipality as listed.  If you aren’t sure which Ward you are in, please reference the Map of the Ward Boundaries on the sidebar.

Councillors are appointed to various Committees and Boards to represent the Municipality’s interests.  By virtue of position, the Mayor and Deputy Mayor represent Dysart et al Council at the Haliburton County Council table where we are one of four lower tier municipalities that comprise the County level government.  A link to the County website is also provided on the side bar as the services provided by the County are reflected in the lower tier tax rate.   Refer to our Finance and Taxation page for detailed information about what’s included in the tax rate.

Council serves a four year term and the election process includes a municipal-wide voter selection of the Mayor and Deputy Mayor.  Eligible voters also select a Trustee of the elementary and secondary schools for Trillium Lakelands District School Board and Conseil scolaire de district du Centre Sud-Ouest.  The current Council was elected on October 22, 2018 and will serve from December 1, 2018 until November 14, 2022.  The next Municipal Election will take place in October 2022.

Council meets in the Municipal Council Chambers located at 135 Maple Avenue and all meetings are open to the public commencing at 9:00 a.m. on the fourth Tuesday of each month, with the exception of December when it takes place on the third Tuesday.  Any changes to this schedule or special meetings called will be posted on the Home page under meeting notice, in advance of the meetings.

Delegations to Council can be arranged by contacting the Municipal Clerk who will provide you with a meeting date and time for your delegation.  Please provide the Clerk with all relevant information, preferably in digital format, that you wish to be presented to Council one week prior to your scheduled delegation.  Your submission will be included with the online agenda package prior to the Council meeting.

In an effort to reduce costs and environmental impact, Council has converted to the use of digital technology to manage Council and Committee meetings.   Online agenda technology has allowed all recent Council meeting agenda packages, minutes and by-laws to be available electronically by clicking the link to agendas on the sidebar.  Taking advantage of wireless technology, the Council Chambers are equipped to allow individual use of the online digital agenda during Council and Committee meetings.  This change has drastically reduced the reliance on paper and it’s associated costs, as well as having the benefit of providing much more accessibility, transparency and accountability in local government.

Integrity Commissioner

The Integrity Commissioner is an independent  and impartial position reporting directly to Council.

The Integrity Commissioner  carries out the following core functions:

Advisory Role

The Integrity Commissioner  provides  confidential  written and oral advice to the Mayor, Councillors  and Committee appointees (as applicable)  about their own situations respecting the Code of Conduct for Elected or Appointed Officials and other by-laws, policies and procedures  governing ethical behavior, including general advice about the Municipal Conflict of Interest Act.

The Integrity Commissioner also provides  opinions and reports to Council on issues of ethics and integrity.

Investigative Role

Complaints  about breaches  of the Code of Conduct or contraventions  to the Municipal Conflict of lnterest Act (MCIA) are made to the Integrity Commissioner  pursuant to the Council approved Complaint Protocol. Complaints  can be dealt with through a formal or informal process (please  refer to Sections  19, 20 and 21) the Code of Conduct. When carrying out a formal complaint investigation,  the Commissioner can summon evidence and examine witnesses under oath.

Complaints must be sent directly to the Integrity Commissioner  using either the Code of Conduct Complaint Form  or the Municipal Conflict of Interest (MCIA) Complaint Form. The affidavit may be sworn by any Commissioner for Taking Affidavits in Ontario, including Municipal Clerks, Treasurers, etc).

Should the Integrity Commissioner find a contravention, he can recommend various penalties for imposition by Council. The  available penalties range from suspension of remuneration to a reprimand or apology.

Educational Role

The Integrity Commissioner is responsible for providing educational programs to members of Council and Committees (as applicable). This is carried out in group settings, one-on-one meetings, annual reporting and through this web page.

Integrity Commissioner Contact Information:
Harold G. Elston
391 First Street, Suite 303
Collingwood, ON L9Y 1B3
Phone: 705-443-8183
Fax: 705-443-8602

Integrity Commissioner Annual Reports

None at this time.

Integrity Commissioner Investigations

None at this time.

Documents: The following documents can be found on the right sidebar:

Code of Conduct for Elected or Appointed Officials
Code of Conduct Complaint Form
MCIA (Municipal Conflict of Interest Act) Complaint Form
Declaration of Pecuniary Interest Registry



The Municipality of Dysart et al is closely monitoring the COVID-19 pandemic and will provide information and updates as they become available. For more information please visit our home page and blog posts.