The Haliburton Highlands Museum

The video that Sticks and Stones Media has created to promote the Haliburton Highlands Museum arose out of a desire shared by both the production team and museum staff to showcase not only the museum’s collection, but also those stories which make Haliburton unique. The early settlers to Haliburton faced significant challenges in their new home, but they diversified and worked together to create the strong community we have today. The video itself is modelled on an old-fashioned slideshow, the inspiration for which came from “interesting” experience Tammy Rea had attending a historical society meeting on the East Coast. For the creation of the video, 25 artifacts were chosen from the collection by the museum’s Director. The artifacts were photographed by Charlie Teljeur and Jake Reynard, and then the museum’s Director and Curator recorded commentary to tell the stories of these items. From this assortment, the crew from Sticks and Stones worked with museum staff to whittle the list down to a smaller selection of items with particularly engaging narratives. The video was created with the intention of harkening to the past, while showing the museum as a fun and engaging place to visit, and in the process the use of humour became vital to its success…


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