Teeny Tiny Summit

Dysart et al is hosting a Teeny Tiny Summit on June 7th at Camp Medeba in the Teeny Tiny Hamlet of West Guilford in #myhalibrtonhighlands! Teeny Tiny Summits were initiated 4 years ago through the Ontario Ministry of Ariculture, Food and Rural Affairs, to provide a forum to discuss how economic development can succeed in teeny tiny rural communities like ours.

Success stories abound from Teeny Tiny communities and Haliburton is no different. With a focus on Unlocking the Potential of Youth in Teeny Tiny Communities, we promise a fun filled Day at Camp that will keep you interested, engaged and provide inspiration and ideas that you can take home with you.

The Teeny Tiny Registration is now open.

Since we will really be at camp, please wear clothes and shoes that will allow you to be comfortable able to participate in a range of outdoor activities. These activities are provided as part of your registration, but will be offered on a first come, first serve basis, so arrive come early if you are set on a certain activity.