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Recycling practices and transparent waste bags are mandatory in the Municipality in order to maximize the diversion of waste from our landfills. Failure to follow these policies will result in additional disposal fees. Some examples of materials we divert from our landfills include: Papers, Plastics, Packaging and Containers, Electronic Waste, Tires, Construction and Demolition Material and Scrap Metal and Hazardous and Special Waste. Click any of the the above links to jump to the corresponding sections on this page. 

To help residents manage their Organic Waste, the Municipality now provides composter and digester units at cost. For more information on this program, click here.

Click here to jump to our Education and Awareness Campaign, where we provide tips and tricks on reducing your impact on the environment. Watch an educational video on our landfills and recycling measures, find out where you can donate gently used items, learn the proper way to compost and bear country, and much more!

» Papers, Plastics, Packaging and Containers «

Confused about recycling? You’re not alone; accepted recycling materials vary across Ontario. Our printable recycling guide is linked below for your information on container and fibre recycling in Dysart et al. Additionally, we provide printable container and fibre recycling banners for your use. Remember to recycle in every room in your house and gently rinse your recyclable containers before bringing them to the landfill.

Click to view the Dysart et al Recycling Guide

Click to view the Dysart et al Recycling Guide

» E-Waste «

Electronic waste accepted free of charge at all landfill sites through our partnership with Ontario Electronic Stewardship Program. Please click here for a complete list of acceptable items or visit for more information.

» Tires «

Tires of any size on or off rim are accepted free of charge at the Haliburton Landfill or Harcourt Landfill.

» Construction & Demolition, Scrap Metal, White Goods, Furniture and Other Various Materials «

Please refer to the Disposal Fees and Prohibited Materials page for details on the fees associated with the disposal of these materials.

» Household Hazardous and Special Waste «Cleaning supplies in bottles lined up in a row

Three HHW events are hosted for Dysart et al rate payers during peak season: Haliburton Landfill mid-July, Harcourt Landfill mid-August and West Guilford end-of-September to capture the greatest amount of toxic and hazardous waste as possible to be sent for safe disposal. Click here to see the event schedule for 2019.

Materials accepted during our HHW events include: Latex and oil paints, finishing products (oil, glue, etc.), used motor oil, auto & household batteries, propane tanks & cylinders, cleaners (bleach, oven cleaner, etc.), aerosol cans & solvents (varsol, paint thinners, etc.), pesticides & herbicides and pool & photographic chemicals.

Unacceptable Waste Classes include: Industrial hazardous waste, needles & sharps, PCB’s & radioactive waste and pathological waste.

In addition to our Household Hazardous Waste events, certain materials that require special handling can be dropped off at our landfills at any time. These materials include:

  • Household Batteries
  • Empty Propane Cylinders
  • Empty Automotive Fluid Containers
  • Fluorescent and CFL Light Bulbs
  • Aerosol Cans
  • Dry and Empty Paint Cans
  • Printer Toner and Ink Jets



The Environment and Green Energy Committee of the Municipality of Dysart et al collaborated with the Department of Public Works to create Trash Talk – an educational video promoting local landfill and recycling programs. We hope you’ll take a few minutes to sit back and watch this video and learn something from our resident landfill and recycling expert, Mark Brohm. Remember if you aren’t sure, ask the Landfill Attendant. They always give good advice.

» Managing Organic Waste in Your Backyard «

Interested in reducing your impact on the environment by cutting your waste output by 20% or more? Composters ($39 flat fee) and digesters ($83 flat fee) are now available for purchase at the Haliburton Landfill Site.

For more information on the difference between these unique systems, please click here.

Learn more about how to compost here.
Learn how to use a digester here.

For more information on the compost units available, please visit the FreeGardenTM Earth website here.

For more information on the digester units, please visit The BardmaticTM Digester website here. Installation and maintenance instructions for this unit can be found here.

Concerned about wildlife? Unlike digester units, which are enclosed systems that break down organic waste without air, compost bins require aeration to function properly. Bears find food with their noses, so precautions must be taken when composting in bear country. Check out the link below to learn more.

Backyard Composting

Click to view Backyard Composting info

» Thrift Warehouse «

Looking to donate gently used items? Check out the below video on Thrift Warehouse Haliburton located on 128 Mallard Road in Industrial Park.

Click to watch video

Click to watch video

» Printable Media «

The below flyers and posters have been provided to educate the public on waste reduction and diversion. Please feel free to peruse these images or print them for your own use.

Click any image to view in a larger format.

Trash Talk...Reduce Trash Talk...ReuseTrash Talk...Recycle

REstore REfurbish REusePrepare PresortREAL DifferenceREthink Plastic Bottle


Choose to REuse




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