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Hardwater Festival – A celebration of ice!

Experience ice in a variety of different ways at the Hardwater Festival on Saturday, January 28 from 9:00 am – 4:00 pm. The festival will take place in and around the West Guildford Community Centre.  For a full schedule of events and a description of the activities visit the Hardwater Festival web page....
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Winter Safety Tips for Business Owners and Landlords

With winter weather comes snow and cold. There are also a few fire safety concerns that arise because of this. Please ensure that your exterior exit doors and pathways are clear of snow and ice. While you are outside also check your heating and appliance exhaust vents (a vent covered by ice or snow may not allow for proper venting of carbon monoxide from the building).… Also please ensure that your building access and fire department connections are properly maintained and clear of snow and debris. This will aid in a safe and quick response by emergency personnel. Along with the above mentioned winter items, it is still very important to remember your regular inspection and maintenance that is required for interior fire safety features. Emergency lighting, fire extinguishers and sprinkler systems (if equipped) are required to be properly maintained...
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Careers, Civics and Co-op

On Friday, November 25th, some County of Haliburton staffers teamed up with Dysart to meet with local youth to discuss civics, careers, co-op and volunteer opportunities throughout Haliburton County.   Thanks to all of the HHSS teachers that welcome us into the classrooms a couple of times each year to talk to new students and hopefully pique their interest in a potentially fabulous career right here at home.    In this photo from left to right are:  Alex Taylor, Kevin Fairey, Amanda Virtanen, Andrea Bull, Tamara Wilbee, Nick Rowden, Carson Sisson and Chloe Samson out front.  Photo credits go to Brooke Billings Photography!...
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