Septic Re-Inspection Program

The Septic Re-Inspection Program is one of the major pillars in protecting lake health.

March 23rd, 2021 marked the official signing of the updated Septic Re-Inspection Program by-law. Updates to the program included retaining the services of WSP to carry out correspondence, scheduling and inspections for the remaining properties. Additionally, the mandatory pump outs have been widely reduced and will only be required by properties that meet certain criteria. Homeowners will be notified by WSP as to whether or not their tank is required to be pumped out.

Homeowners are still welcome to retain the services of a Qualified Septic Inspector, however, in addition to paying the inspection fee there will also be a processing fee issued by WSP for the cost of reviewing the inspection reports. 

For 2021, the focus will be on Kawagama, Redstone and surrounding areas, but other problematic areas may also be included.

For information regarding your inspection appointment, results, etc. please contact WSP directly.

Installation and Modifications of Septic Systems

Since July 2014, the Municipality of Dysart et al has administered Part 8 of the Ontario Building Code in house. Municipal Building and Septic Inspection staff have been trained and certified and have successfully managed this new part of their portfolio for the past few years.


Part 8 of the Ontario Building Code governs sizing requirements and setback information regarding all classifications of on-site sewage systems. We have created a Site Plan Checklist to assist with designing septic systems. Please bear in mind that Sewage Systems should be designed and installed by qualified professionals, with the exception of homeowners. 

Septic Permit Application Forms

Sewage System Review

According to the OBC, any time there is an alteration to a dwelling which includes an added plumbing fixture, an additional bedroom or an increase in living space of 15% or more, the property is subject to a septic review. Please fill in our Septic Review Application for Existing Septic Systems. Please note that included in the review process is a required site visit during which a municipal inspector will need access into the dwelling and/or accessory buildings.


 PDF Copy of Form
Septic System Maintenance
There are many components to a septic system and not everybody is well versed in the technology and how it all works. Please reference the recommended Do's and Don'ts sheet created by the Ontario Onsite Wastewater Association. We also have available, some custom fridge magnets, that remind property owners when to pump and inspect their systems to help keep it healthy.
File Search Application

Our File Search Application is to be used anytime someone is looking for information or copies of documents pertaining to historic building or septic permits. Please complete the online File Search Application and submit with payment for your request to be processed in a timely manner. 

Examples of these requests include septic installation reports, occupancy permits, copies of drawings, inspection reports, etc.

 PDF Copy of Form
If you are unable to complete the online application located above, please print and fill out the application form, and submit it to the building department, with the applicable payment.

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