Until further notice, we will be continuing our septic re-inspection program with the original by-law. Homeowners are welcome to voluntarily complete their re-inspections, with a Qualified Inspector, in advance to their required inspection dates and will be recognized as being compliant for a 5 year period. The mandatory pump outs will be a requirement of any inspections completed until stated otherwise. Until provincial restrictions are further lifted, inspectors will be restricted from entering any dwellings for the purpose of these inspections. The number of bedrooms will be confirmed by homeowners and private cabins will be noted.

The Municipality is working towards a revised septic re-inspection program which is scheduled to commence in 2021.

If you have any questions, please contact Karl Korpela, CBO at kkorpela@dysartetal.ca or extension 627

 Updates to the Program
 Following the 2 year pilot program that took place in the Kennisis Lake Area (Area #1 – as outlined by Schedule A of By-Law No. 2017-101), Dysart et al evaluated the program and will be making the following changes:
  • Eliminating the mandatory pump out of all systems
  • Having a private contractor schedule appointments and execute inspections
  • Aligning our program to the requirements of neighbouring municipalities

Staff are working on these changes at this time.  Stay tuned for further updates.  A fact sheet detailing the specifics of the reasoning for the intended changes can be found here.

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