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Request for Proposal – Construction of Medical Centre Canopy

The Municipality of Dysart et al is inviting proposals for the supply and construction of a post and beam canopy at the Haliburton Family Medical Centre as per Duncan Ross Architect Project Number 13-40. Specifications, Proposal Forms and architectural drawings can be found on our Employment Opportunities page....
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Spring Load Restrictions in Effect

                  Please be advised that seasonal load restrictions will be in effect in Haliburton County beginning March 17th to protect the integrity of the roads during the spring thaw. Please follow posted restriction signage. Vehicles that exceed weight limits on restricted load roadways are subject to fines. Road restrictions are no longer in effect once signage has been removed....
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Winter Parking

The Municipality of Dysart et al has new winter parking regulations prohibiting the parking of vehicles on any municipal road between the hours of 12:00 midnight and 7:00 A.M. Please note that under By-Law 2010-42, Section 3.3 it states ” No person shall park or stand a vehicle in such a manner as to interfere with the clearing of snow, or sanding or maintenance of a highway.” DEPOSITING SNOW  ON  ROADWAYS The Highway Traffic Act R.S.O. 1990, C. H.8, S. 181 states: “No person shall deposit snow or ice on a roadway without permission in writing to do so from the Ministry or road authority responsible for maintenance of the road”. The penalty upon conviction is a fine and you may also be held liable in case of an accident.    ...
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