Landfill and Waste Management


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Bylaws and Policies

Recycling practices and transparent waste bags are mandatory at all Dysart et al landfill sites.

Waste Disposal Bylaw


There are five landfill sites throughout the Municipality of Dysart et al, located in Haliburton, Harcourt, Kennisis Lake, West Bay and West Guilford.

Map of all Dysart et al Landfill Locations

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Map for Individual Landfill Sites

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Hours vary at each individual landfill site and with each season.

Landfill Hours

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Identification Cards

Landfill user identification cards must be shown at all Dysart et al landfill sites. Two free landfill ID cards are inserted with the final tax bill for each business or assessed parcel of land every two years. If you are a property owner, you will receive replacement cards every two years.

Note:   Additional landfill ID cards

Two free replacement cards may be issued within the two year period should the first set be misplaced. However, beyond that all replacement landfill ID cards are an additional $25.00 per card required.

While it is the responsibility of property owners to provide landfill ID cards to their tenants, temporary cards may be obtained by owners, occupants or tenants by providing a $25.00 deposit, which will be refunded when the card is returned within a set amount of time. In order to issue a temporary card, we require proof of occupancy by provision of sufficient information to allow staff to identify the parcel of land in question.

Accepted/Prohibited Materials

Various materials are accepted/prohibited at each individual landfill site.


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Fees and Charges for Waste Disposal



Tipping fees are required for various waste materials.

Tipping fees must be paid in cash at the Landfill Kiosk prior to dumping or by pre-approved credit account. To set up a credit account a Credit Application ( must be completed and submitted to the Treasury Department in advance for pre-approval.




What is Contaminated Waste?

04-15-16 Contaminated Loads Listing

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The Cottage Kit 

Cottage Kit Information

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Cottage Kits are available for purchase at each Landfill Kiosk and at the Municipal Office. They are a great way to ensure that people renting your cottage manage their garbage and recycling properly.


The Cottage Kit contains a one-time use Landfill Pass, recycling bags, a garbage bag, landfill location and hours, and much more.





 Haliburton County Recycling Guide

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Recycling: Containers poster

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Recycling: Fibres poster

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Silhouette E-Waste

Recycling: E-Waste poster

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Is accepted free of charge at all landfill sites through our partnership with Ontario Electronic Stewardship Program. For a complete list of acceptable items











Recycling: Tire poster

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Are accepted free of charge at the Haliburton Landfill or Harcourt Landfill through our partnership with the Ontario Tire Stewardship Program. Any size and on or off rim.

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Composting in Your Backyard

Backyard Composting

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Construction & Demolition, Scrap Metal, White Goods, Furniture and Other Various Materials

Please refer to the Accepted/Prohibited Materials list and Fees and Charges for Waste Disposal sections for more details.

What's A Cubic Yard Poster

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The 3R’s – Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

Trash Talk...Reduce

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Trash Talk...Reuse

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Trash Talk...Recycle

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Thrift Warehouse

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Cleaning supplies in bottles lined up in a row

Household Hazardous Waste Events

Three HHW events are hosted for Dysart et al rate payers during peak season: Haliburton Landfill mid-July, Harcourt Landfill mid-August and West Guilford end-of-September to capture the greatest amount of toxic and hazardous waste as possible to be sent for safe disposal.

HHW 2016 poster WEB

Household Hazardous Waste Poster 2016












Note:   Industrial Hazardous Waste is prohibited.

Orange Drop 

Is an industry-funded recycling program that allows the return of designated materials to local municipal depots. Stop at the Landfill Kiosk where the Landfill Attendant will assist you with the safe disposal of:

Orange Drop

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Household Batteries

Empty Propane Cylinders

Empty Automotive Fluid Containers

Product Care Association

Is a federally incorporated, not-for-profit, product stewardship company that is committed to making the recycling of special waste easy for everyone.

Paints & Coatings

Mercury Containing Lights

Compact Fluorescent Lights(CFLs) – fluorescent bulbs that are typically similar in size and intended to replace an incandescent (traditional) light bulb in a residential setting. The program accepts all types and shapes of CFLs from homes including pin-type sockets, covered CFLs and various output wattages.

Fluorescent Tubes – these long tubes come in different lengths (such as 8 feet, 4 feet or shorter) and widths (such as T5s, T8s or T12s) as well as sometimes in curved or circular shapes. Maximum acceptable length is 8ft.

High-Intensity Discharge Lamps (HIDs)

To keep mercury out of landfill and ensure that 100 per cent of the bulbs are properly recycled, Ontario residents may take burned CFLs to RONACanadian Tire and Ikea retail locations (check local stores for specific information on take back initiatives). Residents and businesses looking to properly dispose of compact fluorescent lights and tubes are encouraged to visit

Mercury containing bulbs may also be dropped-off at one of our Household Hazardous Waste Events for safe disposal.


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Choose to REuse




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WP_20141117_001 Loop Paint Smart Recycling Award 2014

MWA Gold P&E Award 2011

OES Award 2011


Several initiatives have been developed in partnership with the Department of Public Works and the Environment and Conservation Committee. Members of the Committee and municipal staff attended various landfills throughout the past year with the goal of reaching out to residents to educate and encourage waste reduction and better recycling habits.

Diversion is also being profiled as the Environment and Conservation Committee has demonstrated some unique projects that have been created out of diverted landfill materials including our annual Re-purposing Competition.

For more information about the Environment and Conservation Committee visit their webpage at