Environment and Conservation

The Environment and Conservation Committee was created in 2011 and continues to work dynamically, leveraging the expertise of committee members to bring forward functional, practical and meaningful ideas that are targeted towards opportunities, that when broadly applied, will create a more resilient stronger community.

The Committee looks to educate by providing increased awareness on a number of relative subject matters.   Thanks to funding from HCDC, the group was able to contract create of a series of videos to use as tools throughout the education process (Alternative Energy Living, Trash Talk, Conserve – A Cottage Story and Net Zero Builds).   We have also facilitated several ‘landfill days’ where members attend various landfills throughout the Municipality for purposes of interacting with the public to help raise awareness around recycling and waste management in general.   Trillium Lakelands School provides opportunities for members to speak to students and we’ve even approached the business organizations with information on ways they can reduce their own landfill costs while simultaneously reducing the collective footprint.  For the past three years, the Committee has run a ‘Repurposing Contest’ using social media as another means to reach a broader audience to encourage creativity and to raise awareness of our finite landfill space.

A more recent initiative includes the ‘Kill-A-Watt’ Electricity Usage Monitor loan killawatprogram.  The municipality owns two of these devices that read the hydro consumption of any plugged in and operating device in the home or office.  The idea is that you can use this device to identify the big energy suckers and try to find ways to reduce the energy used.   If you’d like to borrow this tool, please contact info@dysartetal.ca to request its use at no charge.   A simple set of instructions that we found on the internet is attached on the sidebar at the right.

The Committee meets every other month at the Administration Offices located at 135 Maple Street in Haliburton and meetings are open to the public.   The Committee serves a four year term concurrent with Council and is currently comprised of the following members:  Councillor Susan Norcross, Councillor Derek Knowles and public appointments Ron Hamann and Lee Battiston.   Past participants that have contributed significantly to this Committee include Dennis Casey, Brian Nash and Ray Gervais.

If you are interested in learning more about the initiatives undertaken by this group, all agenda packages including reports and minutes are available by clicking the link to electronic agendas on the sidebar.

If you would like to attend a meeting as a delegation, please contact staff as indicated under contacts on the sidebar.