Elections 2018

Welcome to the Official Site for the Municipality of Dysart et al 2018 Municipal Election!

Monday, October 22, 2018


Joint Compliance Audit Committee Members 

The Corporations of the Municipality of Dysart et al, the Township of Algonquin Highlands, the Township of Minden Hills and Municipality of Highlands East are seeking members for a Joint Compliance Audit Committee.  The Committee will serve all four municipalities with the full delegation of the authority in the Municipal Elections Act, 1996, to address applications requesting an audit of a candidate’s election campaign finances.  For more details, and submission deadline times, please refer to the notice in the document section to the right of the screen.


There have been some changes in the Municipal Elections Act that potential candidates and electors, should be aware of, with the main ones being:

Change #1 – Election Calendar

Change #2 – Voter’s List

Change #3 – Third Party Advertising

Change #4 – Ranked Balloting

Change #5 – New Candidate Requirement

Election Calendar

The Nomination Period is now much shorter:  May 1 (change from January 1), 2018 – July 27 (changed from September 12), 2018 at 2:00 p.m., which also shortens the length of time signs can be put out.

Third Party Advertisers can register with the Municipality between May 1, 2018 and October 18, 2018.

Other date changes are for administration purposes:  by-laws need to be passed, policies need to be created, etc.

Voter’s List

Previously, applications to add, delete or change a person’s own information on the voters’ list had to be done in person or in writing.  Municipal Clerks are now able to determine other formats that people could use to make these applications.

The Municipality of Dysart et al will be accepting changes via e-mail, provided the required photo identification and proof of citizenship is attached.

Third Party Advertising

Individuals, corporations and unions can register as third party advertisers and can also make contributions to third party advertisers.  Third party advertisers will need to register with the municipality where they want to advertise.  If they want to advertise in more than one municipality, they have to register with each municipality.

Registration allows a third party advertiser to promote or oppose any candidate that the electors in the municipality can vote for (local council, school board trustee positions and regional or county council offices).  Posters, signs, publications, etc., promoting or opposing candidates are “third party advertisements”.

Third party advertising must be done independently of candidates, who are not able to direct a third party advertiser.  Candidates are not able to register as third party advertisers.

Additional legislation comes into play April 2018.


Ranked Balloting

Municipalities are now permitted to introduce ranked balloting in their election.  Instead of voting for one person per position, you could vote numerous people for your 1st, 2nd and 3rd, etc., choice for that seat.

It results in more time being spent after the polls close determining who won, among many other issues.

The Municipality of Dysart et al will not be using this method in the 2018 Election.

New Candidate Requirement

There is a new requirement that anyone wishing to run for office on a council must submit the signatures of 25 voters supporting the nomination.  The individuals providing the signatures will each have to sign a declaration stating that they were eligible to vote in the municipality on the day that they signed the endorsement.

If a candidate files a nomination, and then changes their mind and decides to run for a different office on the same council, they are not required to submit new signatures.

The requirement to submit 25 nomination signatures does not apply to candidates running for school board trustee positions.


Municipal Elections are administered by the Municipal Clerk, who acts as the Returning Officer under the authority of the Municipal Elections Act.  Should you have any questions, regarding the information on this website or the 2018 Municipal Election, please contact:

Cheryl Coulson, Clerk